Are you a Lightworker?

Would you like additional support for your healing practice?

The energies are changing, and as a healer, you have probably seen a shift in the issues that your clients are bringing to your door. Modalities that used to work no longer are effective, and you’re coming up with new techniques on the spot that magically accelerate the healing process. But who do you share this with? And wouldn’t it be magical if you had other people sharing their experiences with you, as well?

That’s where the Lightworker Peer Support group comes in. Facilitated by longtime practitioner Abby Wynne, and energy healer/visionary Honey C Golden. We want to help you feel supported as you navigate the changing frequencies, have a place to go where everybody knows your name, somewhere you feel safe to share, not only what you’re experiencing in your client’s process, but in your own process as a healer, too.

What we are offering you:

This is a work in progress! We may change our offerings as we evolve. We may also host more peer support sessions than 1 per month if it is deemed necessary. Please be patient with us as we grow with you. If you sign up to our email list we will keep you posted on all of our updates as they happen.

Private Peer-Support Sessions and Access to our Private Telegram Group – $44 per month on subscription

You will get access to each of our peer support sessions, and our private group on Telegram so you can meet and share ideas with other healers, and interact with Honey and Abby.

These sessions will run for approx 90 minutes once a month and be recorded so that you get the replay. We will facilitate your questions and support you, give you a space to speak about what is going on for you, and offer help and solutions to make your life as a healer easier. 

Monthly Webinar Style Peer Support Sessions – $36 per session

If you want to try a session to see if this is for you, you can sign up for our ‘next’ session and be included in the conversation! Join us for as many sessions as you wish, you will need to pay-per-session. We will have you on our email list and so will let you know when the next session takes place.

You need to apply to us via this form in order to take part in these sessions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

15 + 10 =

If you can’t make it this month and want to be kept informed of what we are doing, do sign up for our email list!

About your facilitators:

Abby Wynne is the host of the Healing for Healers podcast. She’s been in private practice for 12 years, has published more than 13 books and established Abby’s Online Academy to help people learn how to heal themselves. You can find out about her books on or all about her current offerings and how to connect on social media via

Honey C. Golden’s goal is to bring balance to body and soul to achieve health and happiness. Honey loves all things energy, delves into the subconscious mind, and listens to her Higher Self. She uses Zone Technique and Energy to balance the body and helps the emotional body heal by finding the emotional source of the illness or imbalance.You can find Honey on and you can click here to follow her on YouTube.

It’s time to heal the healers, so we can join together and bring even more light to the world.
We look forward to what this new exciting endeavour will bring.
Lightworkers are so important right now.

If you have any questions you can reach us via our email