There are 3 sections to our booking system – Classes, Videos and Packs.

If you just want to book a session and try it out, choose Classes, and register for the session that suits you.

Or you can sign up for a subscription ‘pack’ – we have 2 to choose from:

  • The Whole Shebang – Join our Telegram Group AND get all the peer review sessions for $44
  • Telegram Group Only – Join our Telegram group for $11 per month

The Telegram group is open 24/7, it’s a space for all of our participants to connect, create community and support each other. If you join us there you can ask questions, get support, and receive healing from Honey and Abby, and from each other too!

We recommend you go for The Whole Shebang if you feel you want a higher level of support. Or you can simply just book a lightworker session under the classes section for $36 per session. We will remind you each month when a new session is available.

The replays will be listed on the videos tab, and you will get access to the replay of the class that you have paid for.

Payment is via STRIPE, you will need to create an account with the booking system, and we will email you via there with meeting reminder emails, and notifications of our next class.

Looking forward to the journey!
xx Abby and Honey

If you have any questions please email us